Tan 2 Win BOOKING announcement

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Spray Tanning will be located in the meeting rooms of
The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tupelo  (see Host Hotel)

Appointments must be booked  in advance by August 7, 2020

 Appointments only available on Friday, August 14, 2020 with touch ups on Saturday, August  15. 

For more info visit: www.tan2win.com

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Please take a moment to view the skin prep section on the homepage of the Tan 2 Win website to ensure your skin is perfectly prepared. Their skin prep guide is the most comprehensive and simple thing you can do to look amazing on stage. Skin prep is the most important step to a perfect tan. Remember, "Proper skin prep is to a winning tan as proper food prep is to a winning physique".

As a final reminder,  in order to preserve venue property and reduce accidents and injury to athletes and staff, No tanning, glaze, glue or any other products are allowed in the venue or backstage. If these items are found, they will be removed and you could be disqualified.  

All Tan2Win clients receive unlimited touch-ups, glaze and glue services until the end of the evening show. If you are self tanning or tanning outside the venue, we now offer glaze, glue and touch-up packages to ensure you look great on stage. These services can be purchased during check-in on Friday and must be purchased before the show begins Saturday morning.