Guest Poser

Guest Poser at Total Body Gym

​Our 2020 Total Body Championships
Mens Physique & Classic Physique
OVERALL Champion:
IFBB PRO Corey Becker

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Corey ​Bio:

IFBB PRO Corey Becker is 26 years old  & he is from Jackson, MS.  

He began working out at the age of 16 as a means to obtain physical fitness and help solve eating disorders,
but soon became interested in bodybuilding. He began competing at age 20 and earned Pro Status at age 24 at the JR USA’s.

On his way to the PROS, he won OVERALL champion in the 2020 Total Body Championships in Mens Physique & Classic Physique

For the past 7 years, bodybuilding has been his passion.
He is currently continuing to improve his physique in preparation for his pro debut.
He is also focusing on his coaching career to help other achieve their goals.

An IFBB Pro, an IFBB and NPC coach, and Ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding.