Classes at Total Body Gym


***BE FIT Class - Strength & Cardio  -  FREE FOR MEMBERS - $5 for nonmembers

  • 45 min class - Every Monday  @ 6:00 pm. 

BE F. (Fitness)  I. (Interval) T. (Training)  Class is a combination of strength training, sculpting and cardiovascular. Very unique instruction! This unique blend of Tabata training with HIT training help you increase your strength, sculpt and tone while while burning body fat. TBG personal trainer (see trainers) Lindsey McAlister is the instructor.  Classes are offered every Monday night  and will also on Saturday mornings @ at Total Body Gym. Have a blast while working on those trouble spots, no matter if your goal is to build or burn, this class will get you there!  All fitness levels are welcome! 13 years or older only. 

***DANCE2FIT Class - Strength & Cardio  -  $3 FOR MEMBERS - $5 for nonmembers

  • 60 min class - Every Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Dance2Fit is a fun, energetic, high-intensity workout. Dance2Fit uses various types of popular hip-hop music to create an aggressive but rewarding full body workout. All of our Dance2Fit workouts take place in an encouraging and positive environment..  Super Fun & Motivating Class. Classes are offered every Tuesday night  @ at Total Body Gym.


***Shredz  Fitness Class -  Strength & Cardio  
-  FREE FOR MEMBERS - $5 for nonmembers

  • One hour class - Thursday @ 6

Our SHREDZ Fitness Class is a combination of strength training and cardiovascular. No two classes are alike! This unique blend of cross training with functional training help you increase your strength levels while shredding body fat. Instructor Shane Carpenter has been in health & fitness, as well as martial-arts for many years.  He always offer different variations of the exercises to accommodate every fitness level. Classes are offered on Thursday nights at Total Body Gym. 13 years or older only. 

***Total Body BOOTCAMP Just for KIDS - the name says it all  -$5 FOR MEMBERS Children - $10 for nonmembers

  • 45 min class - Every Monday @ 7:00 pm.  ~~SUSPENDED FOR SUMMER~~

BOOTCAMP - Just for KIDS is a combination of strength, agility, sport conditioning & coordination.  TBG Personal trainer, Jase Wilbanks, really has a way with the lil ones!! Give your kids a head start on health & fitness, hlep them improve in sports & just let them burn off steam. You will be glad you did!  Total Body BOOTCAMP - Just for KIDS is offered every Saturday morning @ at Total Body Gym.  Ages 4-13 only


***Mixed Martial Arts Class / Karate   - See instructor for pricing

  • Adult classes consist of Grappling, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts  - Thursday's @ 7
  • Children's classes consist of Martial Arts and Fitness - Thursday's @ 5

Mixed martial arts, or MMA--one of the world's fastest growing sports--combines striking, wrestling, grappling, jiujitsu and judo techniques into a seamless fighting system. Top MMA practitioners are among the best-conditioned of all athletes, and the sport is excellent for physical conditioning as well as building self-discipline and self-confidence.

Students are taught a broad range of skills and techniques, including strikes (punches, kicks, knees, elbows), joint locks and submissions. The class provides students with intensive instruction in Brazilian jiujitsu and striking.

Shane Carpenter is the martial arts & Class instructor at TBG,  he has been involved with various forms of the sport for over 10 years. He teaches classes to people of all ages and skill levels. Shane is a 3X past competitor of ICC (Infinite Combat Championships) Ultimate Fighting.

He received his Black Belt under Gill Johnson and Steve Gray. Although both men hold rank of 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo (TKD), their fighting styles vary greatly. Gill taught a street combat system with emphasis on stand up. He is a tremendous striker with supreme punching and kicking techniques whose style pulls from Jeet Kune Do, TKD, Maui Thai kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu as well as Kali Eskrima and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Mr. Gray, a submission specialist and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, trained Shane in a ground-and-pound fighting style. He emphasized proper technique and detail—do it over and over again, then do it some more.

Shane has taken their knowledge, as well trained with some of the best martial artists in the area, and introduced his style of MMA 4 SELF-DEFENSE...