We are closely following all CORONA-VIRUS (COVID-19) updates & recommendation in accordance with the CDC guidelines. 
At this time we ask that no more than 10 people be in house @ the same time. To help with this we have set a 10 slots per hour calendar.
Click on the image above to reserve your slot in advance.
If you reserve a slot & see that you cannot make it, please cancel immediately as to open that slot for someone else.  
Please limit workouts to 1 hour or less.

If we all work together, hopefully we can remain open thru this crisis. 

In addition we ask you to please follow these tips to help prevent the spread of the Corona-virus (Covid-19):

  • If you are sick or have any symptoms, DO NOT COME TO THE GYM
  • WIPE DOWN BEFORE & AFTER TOUCHING ANYTHING (bottles of disinfectant available)
  • Wash hands or Use Hand Sanitizer upon entering the gym . Also Sanitize your hands frequently throughout your workout .
  • If you have allergies, please Cough into your sleeve or elbow - not into your hand.
  • 10 people or less in the gym @ any time
  • Practice social distancing - @ least 6 ft apart
  • Wear mask if you have one
  • As of now we are closed to the public - NO GUEST - Members only

    If you have traveled recently: We politely ask you to avoid using the gym for a brief time to ensure that you do not  develop symptoms. 
    If you are high-risk: We strongly suggest you avoid the gym and other crowded areas. 

Thank you for your cooperation..
Prayers for all who have been affected by this crisis.